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Terms of cooperation (KB)


1) Scope


1.1 We point out that for the duration of the business relationship (initiation, conclusion, delivery,
Accounting, payment) including a possible warranty period, a temporary affiliation to
Welfare state Kingdom of Germany (KRD) own. They use the constitution, the laws and the
Jurisdiction of the KRD, which you have to choose first in legal disputes. There are none
other rights, obligations or costs.


1.2 These Terms of Cooperation (hereinafter "KB") of

gold manna


A company in the KRD


Representation dance/post

To the Plateau 11

32825 Blomberg

head office

St. Peter's Square 6

To Lutherstadt Wittenberg

Kingdom of Germany

(hereinafter "Supplier") apply to all contracts for the delivery of goods / provision of
Services / etc. that a natural or legal person affiliated with or associated with the KRD (hereinafter
"Buyer") with the provider with regard to the provider in his online shop/catalogue/etc. illustrated
goods completes. The inclusion of the customer's own conditions is hereby contradicted, unless
because something else has been agreed.7. delivery terms


2) Terms of Delivery

2.1. The delivery conditions, the delivery date and any existing delivery restrictions can be found under a correspondingly designated button on our website or in the respective offer.


3) Disclaimer
The products are used without the involvement of the operator and at the user's own risk.
Therefore, the seller   assumes no liability for damage of any kind resulting from improper use of the products. 
We are also not liable for direct or indirect consequential damage.

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