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Chromium (Cr)

Chromium is an essential trace element and must be supplied to the body.
A daily amount of 90UG is sufficient for the body.
Which is mainly found in various types of vegetables, meat and whole grain products. 
A lack of chromium can lead to headaches, nervousness, depression and concentration problems or even heart disease.



Physical Effect:
Chromium is required in insulin/glucose metabolism.
A sufficient intake of chromium improves the processing of insulin levels.
Insulin levels remain constant with high-carb meals.
Chromium can be helpful in type 2 diabetes.
Chromium plays an important role in controlling blood sugar levels, with insulin.
lowering cholesterol levels.
Helps you lose weight because it acts on the feeling of satiety.
Protects against free radicals.
Chromium helps maintain the eye lenses and cornea.
Helps with weight loss (feeling full), muscle building, liver, heart and protein synthesis.
Regulation of metabolism, liver, bile, intestines and pancreas


mental effect:
Chrome helps you find yourself and become who you really are
to realize and implement the inherent potentials.
Reveals and shines hidden/suppressed abilities.
Reduction of pressure and suffering.
Chrome has the properties of a mirror, you become self-aware again.
Promotes personal responsibility.

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