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Germanium (GE)

Organic germanium Ge-132 has been banned in most countries,

and with good reason, as it is a masterpiece of healing.

It is also claimed to be a gift from God to finally end people's suffering completely.


Colloidal & monoatomic germanium has nothing to do with the harmful inorganic germanium and is not toxic to the body because it is in a different physical state!



Physical Effect:

It greatly promotes oxygen uptake in the blood

because it binds oxygen and transports it to the smallest capillaries.

As a result, the body warms up much better and all organs are perfectly supplied with blood.

The well-being is constantly improved and thus also the sleep.

Since germanium improves blood circulation, the blood also becomes thinner.

When applied externally, scars or joint pain (rheumatism) can disappear.

Mono germanium can also be used in the eyes and is well known for this, for example against cataracts and other eye diseases.

  Supporting with the diseases:

Cancer, blood pressure, eye problems, heavy metal detoxification, multiple sclerosis, headaches, psychosis, Parkinson's disease (Lyme disease from personal experience), rheumatism and much more



mental effect:

Combined with Mono Gold it increases the effect enormously.

-Helps release old blocks and patterns

-Releasing emotional worries

-The brain is strengthened and the ability to concentrate

-Rejuvenating Effects 

-Lust for life returns, with life energy

-Recognize déjà vu experiences

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