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Herzlich willkommen bei GoldManna


Wir Menschen besitzen eine innere, natürliche Ordnung, die im Gleichgewicht bleiben muss.

Daher bieten wir ausgewählte, hochwertige Naturprodukte an, um die Selbstheilungskräfte wieder zu stabilisieren und die innere Balance zu schaffen.

Wir arbeiten zusätzlich auch mit einigen Heilpraktikern zusammen,

die, die Wirksamkeit im Labor und am Menschen bestätigen.


Uns ist es wichtig, dass Sie die gezielten Produkte einfach finden,

die Ihnen wirklich helfen!


Dazu nehmen wir uns auch gerne Zeit, um das richtige Produkt für Sie zu finden.

Kontaktieren Sie uns dazu einfach per E-Mail, wenn Sie Fragen haben.

Real monotonic manna elements

! Only the best of the best!

From our own production

! Important !

Since people currently live in a very limited worldview, we only sell the products for research purposes.

! We assume no liability for any damage!

All information on the website is for informational information only and is not used for humans or animals!



​​ information

Now that the time has come to make the world a little more beautiful,

we finally offer the service to the public.

We work honestly, properly and clearly.

The products have a very high proportion of precious metals, because only with a certain high proportion can the full effect be passed on.

We couldn't find a shop on the internet that offers the quality for such a price as we do.


Unfortunately we had to find out that the alternative products on the market barely contained gold or were even contaminated with the exception of 2 shops, this is an absolute fraud, in addition, you harm yourself if the product is inferior (heavy metal pollution).

For this reason we are now also offering our products.

We have been researching the elements for over 7 years, the enthusiasm and energy just never end.

We have refined the production so that the end product is absolutely first class.

There is a lot of love, knowledge, time and money behind it in order to be able to produce really real Mono / Manna products.

We also have the (Occult Knowledge-Forbidden Knowledge).

This means you get it according to the original recipe, which has been guarded and protected for thousands of years.

You also know exactly why;)  

This is my part for the world, so that we can swing a little higher and that is exactly what I have so much fun and enjoy.




There are many ways around the gold & mono / manna

to get small and fine enough first,
Then, depending on the type, the powder is split either with acid, heat, alkaline solutions, caustic soda or soda powder and so completely dissolved.
It becomes a homogeneous solution.
These steps are repeated several times to completely dissolve and remove the heavy metals, then it is manifested .....
But this is only the first main part, because manna consists of many steps,

to achieve the full effect.

In addition, real manna consists of special water also called (Gur),

this is how it gets its full potency.
Gur is special compressed rainwater that has only just been discharged.
It strengthens the gold and allows
  only then to fully develop .





Consists of microscopic particles approx. (1 to 1000 nanometers.

The particles float because they are charged at certain intervals.

The effects are mostly on the body rather than the mind or consciousness.

But something can still be clearly felt, since the colloids can cross the blood-brain barrier if the particles are small enough, it remains in the body and is still a semimetal in its aggregate state.


Consists of approx. 7 to 14 atoms, the state of aggregation is superior to the colloidal and cannot be compared with this.

The main difference between colloids and monoatomics is

that colloids work on the physical level, whereas monoatomics work on the mental, psychological and spiritual level.

In this state it has almost left the material plane of gold.

In this state the elements are "folded" when they are stimulated in a certain way, they are opened.

These elements represent a third dimension of molecules, so to speak.


Manna has the property to consist of only one atom.

It brings  Bit by bit everything again  back on a line.

(Mind-body awareness)

A reset of the essence of the human being, an update.

No more being apart.

A little creative power is also given to us;)

In addition, real manna consists of special water also called (Gur),

this is how it gets its full potency.

Gur is special compressed rainwater that has only just been discharged.

It strengthens the gold and allows  to develop fully in the body.

It recharges the body completely with energy, because it is atomic, it remains in the body for a very long time and so has its own intelligence.

It is far superior to the monoatomic state and much stronger.

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