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In addition to being a fancy metal, copper is essential to our bodies. 
Copper helps promote longevity and stimulates the metabolic process.
Copper might be the solution you've been looking for!
It helps with electrosmog   compared to mobile phone waves and 5g.

Can be used at:
• Diarrhea
• pallor
• Hair loss
• Low white blood cell count
• Infections
• High cholesterol
• anemia
• Thyroid problems
Quite a long list! 


Copper is important because it has anti-inflammatory effects that protect cell membranes.
It helps synthesize hemoglobin, melanin, elastin, collagen, and myelin around nerves.
It helps absorb iron. 
Your body uses sugar to synthesize adenosine triphosphate for energy, and copper plays a big part in this.
It strengthens the thyroid.

Copper does even more! 

It helps heal wounds, lowers bad cholesterol, and is good for the brain.
It can even help with chronic conditions like arthritis. 
To support your body in processing amino acids and vitamins.

Everyone needs copper!

It's no surprise copper has the reputation it has. 


What's the only catch?

You must get it from your diet!
Our natural diet should provide us with enough copper, but in modern times we are not eating as we should.
Montagomic Copper increases the body's use of copper and your body becomes better at doing what it's supposed to.

Kolloidales Kupfer
Monoatomisches Kupfer
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