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Osmium (Os) 

You may be holding on to old beliefs that are out of balance with your situation.

Past experiences and injuries are always stored unconsciously. These things don't go away on their own, but osmium can help you deal with them in a positive way!

Bring feelings like inadequacy, trust issues, sadness and resignation back into line with yourself.

Osmium connects the brain and activates inactive DNA, glands and inactive energy points known as chakras. It is great for your spiritual and creative side as it can greatly stimulate this between the forces of mind and reality. The connection this creates helps you move into a smarter, more positive state of being.

Transform the inner self into higher energies by creating a solid space ready and able to accept the future. It helps to reconnect. All of this means that osmium is believed to heal trust issues and help with grief, anger and disappointment. Realizing the potential and accepting the feeling of surrender.

Embracing the power of your new self as you are, recognizing the importance of your spiritual nature and opening your mind to higher wisdom. Becoming open to new visions. All in all, osmium is the strongest of all monatomic metals and its physical advantages can only last. Osmium has also garnered a lot of attention from athletes.

Osmium allows oxygen to circulate throughout the body and is said to increase efficient use eg blood flow, muscle and tissue strength and endurance.

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