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Platinum (Pt):


Platinum is one of the most precious metals on earth and is considered by our society to be a symbol of strength and power.
This is only due to its outward appearance;   the power of platinum, taken internally, is quite a bit greater than the value itself.

Monatomic platinum users say it is invaluable for their mental function and exams.
If the chosen ones test it, your thoughts will become much clearer and
react much more quickly and calmly to certain situations.
Users also reported   that they are much more focused and can also read much faster.
In general, the comprehension is extremely increased, you can see everything around corners.
These results indicate that platinum is very effective in expanding mental function and capacity.
Because platinum in its monatomic form connects the hemispheres of the brain and
it is known that the two hemispheres work much better together. 
This leads to an improved flow of cellular energies and greater connectivity.
Coupled with suggested solutions to overcome the obstacles in life.
The whole thing with a lot of assertiveness, discipline and a stable balance to be able to focus on the goals much better.
Despite increasing these qualities, platinum reduces ego and leaves us nonjudgmental
and you become less vulnerable to negative competition.
This platinum facilitated clearing of connection is the darker part of our being.
As we become more aware of this, we also become more attuned to our positive side. The coordination of the hemispheres promotes the flow of creativity, stress melts and nourishes the brain waves.
Not only does platinum help you better understand the world around us, but 
it makes you understand much more deeply.

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