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CDL 0.5% 250ml

CDL is the easy and safe way to disinfect your drinking water. 

This product is high-purity chlorine dioxide produced in a complex and high-quality distillation process. 

It can be applied immediately and does not need to be mixed.

CDL is particularly helpful in crisis prevention, on vacation or for emergencies at home.

Water contaminated with germs and viruses can be treated quickly and safely and made drinkable again.


The advantages of GoldManna CDL:

  • Very potent CDL 
  • Is produced to order, therefore no loss of effectiveness! 
  • Very high purity, no unwanted by-products present (only pure chlorine dioxide bound in distilled water)

  • CDL is only sold in amber glass bottles, not cheap plastic.



Characteristics of chlorine dioxide:

  • The color is slightly darker than the standard CDL at 0.3 %
  • The taste is nevertheless very light and mild 
  • The shelf life is 6 months
  • Fluctuations are possible from 0.45-0.55 %.



Light: 1ml in 50-100+ml of water 3x a day

Medium: 3-5ml in 150-200+ml of water 3x a day

Strong: 10ml in 150-200+ml of water 3x a day


1ml is in something 1,3 activated drop.



CDL has a shelf life of approximately 6 months when properly stored.

It must be stored in a cool (below 11° Celsius), dry, dark and upright position.

Shipping by post is not a problem, the product should only have stood in the refrigerator for a few hours before opening it for the first time (otherwise small parts of the chlorine dioxide content can escape in gaseous form) and stored there permanently.


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CDL 0.5% 250ml

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