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Colloidal Iron 500ml

Iron is an important trace element that cannot be produced in the body and must therefore be supplied.
A daily amount of 15 mg is already sufficient for the body.
Women, on the other hand, need about 25 mg of iron daily during their menstruation.
Iron is important for the body mainly for the transport of oxygen, 
such as cellular respiration and formation of red blood cells.
Iron also contributes to muscle strengthening, 
you don't get sore muscles as quickly and you have more endurance and strength.
Supports the blood flow and cleans it at the same time.
Helpful for circulatory disorders or thickening and clumping.
Supports blood circulation in all organs, especially the heart and brain.
Activates hemoglobin.
It's like a blood circulation reset.

Iron is male and should be taken in the morning, 
Copper (female in the evening) is the antagonist and should not be taken at the same time!


mental effect:
Strengthens male energy.
Improving father & son relationships.
Promotes self-confidence.
Restores a connection to Mars.
Gives more assertiveness.
Resolution of a perpetrator victim view.
Repressed anger turns into creativity.
Good for lack of energy, tiredness and lack of drive.

Manufactured in the high-voltage plasma process with real 30ppm,

higher concentrations are not or hardly effective!




All information on the website is purely informative information and not approved for human or animal use!

Colloidal Iron 500ml

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