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Colloidal Gold 500ml

Gold is a powerful conductor of electricity known to

support physical and mental energy.

As an element of kings and rulers, gold represents

the best in all aspects of life.  
The benefits of gold are increasingly being recognized outside the realm of wealth and status, even being used by traditional medical institutions.
It comes from what gold is as a material: from oxygen or moisture
it is not attacked so that it does not tarnish or corrode.

The alchemists emphasize these positive aspects.

It made you turn around and understand

how this affects our health and well-being.
Monoatomic gold helps our body

access these very benefits and improve our physical and mental health.
It is the reduced state of self

enabling you to understand and heal.
Many of the reported benefits of Monoatomic Gold relate to

how it affects our personal health.
It strengthens the aura by allowing emotions and energy to flow throughout the body.
It helps the user to develop keen insight and even improves psychic abilities.
The conductive properties also bring up unconscious emotions, so it helps the user with their negative ones

To better understand and overcome energy.
Experts say that Monoatomic Gold works with the pituitary gland to increase hormone production and strengthen the body.
It revitalizes the body.
This is great for skin, hair and other parts that can be damaged by aging and it also means it increases red blood cell production.

Increase in semen production is included plus a natural aphrodisiac!



-The DNA reconstructs itself back into the divine consciousness (superman).
-Increase in vibration.
-Performance increase and stress resilience occur.
-Stimulating and purifying the pineal gland.
-Synchronization of the 2 brain hemispheres.
-Regeneration of damaged cells.
-Advanced intelligence.
-Extended perception.
-More well-being.
-Extended activity in the spiritual emotional, mental, physical realms.
-The Kundalini energy is stimulated.
-Improved self-healing powers.
-An intense emotional cleansing and stabilization can take place.
- Problems become solutions faster and faster.
-The vibration in the auras are increased.
-Chakras are cleaned and made receptive to the light.
-Dreams are intensified (lucid dreaming).
- The endocrine system is activated, particularly the pineal, pituitary and thymus glands.

The hormone system is stabilized.
- Endogenous DMT and melatonin are increasingly produced.



Manufactured in the high-voltage plasma process with real 10ppm,

higher concentrations have little or no effect!




All information on the website is purely informative information and not approved for human or animal use!

Colloidal Gold 500ml

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