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Colloidal Copper 500ml

Copper is one of the most important trace elements that cannot be produced in the body and must therefore be supplied.
A daily amount of 5 mg is already sufficient for the body.
Copper is the antagonist of iron and should not be taken together.
Copper is stored and passed on in the liver.
Paracelsus recommended copper for illnesses such as insanity, lung problems, epilepsy and hysteria.


Physical effects:
Copper is involved in the red blood cells.
Copper is involved in the nervous system.
Copper is responsible for the conversion of iron to hemoglobin, without copper this is not possible!
More power through copper.
Strengthening of the immune system.
formation of white blood cells.
Part of many enzymes and nervous system.
Antioxidant effect.
Strengthens the tendons, bones and connective tissue.
The coloring of the hair can return.
Copper contributes to the moisture of the skin.
Kupfers plays an important role in the formation of dopamine and noradrenaline feelings of happiness.
Helps with over-underactive thyroid disorders.
Copper is vital for our nerves.
Helps with inflammation.

mental effect:
Promotes the sense of beauty and self-love.
Strengthens inner and outer harmony, as well as the relationship with Venus.
Strengthens the physical and emotional body.
Makes you less sensitive to electrosmog and mobile phone waves.
Helps to dissolve criticism and evaluation or to bring them to a higher level.
Supports the personality and promotes self-acceptance and self-forgiveness.
Direct your inner gaze to heaven.
For more inner peace.
Activates artistic creativity.
Gives lightness.
Is playful and adorable.
Good for women problems (also mono silver)


Manufactured in the high-voltage plasma process with real 10ppm,

higher concentrations are not effective!


Colloidal Copper 500ml

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