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Colloidal Platinum 500ml

Platinum is even rarer than gold.
It is associated with the light, with the gold being associated with the sun.
Platinum is also referred to as white gold.

Physical effects:
Platinum increases the electrical conductivity of the nervous system, 
thereby increasing the ability to concentrate and memory.
As a result, problems in the nerve area can disappear.
According to studies, platinum helps very well with gynecological problems, 
since it has a strong connection to the female sex organs,
it helps enormously with menstrual cramps and other women's ailments!
Platinum acts on the hormone system, and stabilizes and strengthens the immune system again and finds a balance.




mental effect:
Platinum synchronizes the two hemispheres of the brain, 
This allows the body to vibrate in harmony with itself again.
It helps to reconnect with the higher self.
It regulates mood swings and plays a major role in autism.
Platinum has the power to repair DNA.
Inner peace returns.
Goals can be achieved more easily because the assertiveness is increased.
The ego can be recognized better and one no longer criticizes oneself and others.

Manufactured in the high-voltage plasma process with real 10ppm,

higher concentrations are not effective!




All information on the website is purely informative information and not approved for human or animal use!

Colloidal Platinum 500ml

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