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Colloidal Silver 500ml

Silver was used for healing or to make food last longer over 2000 years ago.
It has a strong antibacterial effect against germs, viruses and fungi.
But ever since the antibiotic hit the market, silver has been forgotten.
Silver is many steps ahead of classic antibiotics, it is natural, it works on around 650 different pathogens.
The fours do not become resistance, as is the case with antibiotics.
Silver is by far the most important metal for inflammation and bacterial and viral infections.
It works with any inflammation in the body, there are no limits to silver.
Application is applied internally or externally to the appropriate skin areas.
Supportive in: cancer, diabetes, neurodermatitis, sinusitis, Lyme disease, etc.
Silver does not damage the intestinal flora, but brings the acid-base balance back into balance.


mental effect:
Improves the connection to our feminine energies.
Silver connects us to the moon.
Strengthens your own center.
Promotes a feeling of being at home within yourself.
Good for women problems (also mono copper)
Strengthens the physical cells and has a preventive effect on our health and immune system.
Connects with the "divine grace" and supports the karma resolution.
Supports the balancing of polarities and extremes.
Helps unite the inner poles (male & female).

Manufactured using the high-voltage plasma process with  real 30ppm

The PPM concentration says nothing about the effectiveness!



All information on the website is purely informative information and not approved for human or animal use!

Colloidal Silver 500ml

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