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Monoatomic Gold 30ml Alchemical Crafting

Monoatomic Gold 


Gold has been valued since the beginning of mankind, and with good reason!
Our ancestors knew the bizarre and divine effects of gold.
Gold is simply more versatile and resilient than almost any other precious metal.
Without gold we humans and a lot of technology would not be able to exist!

Our monoatomic gold consists of 99.999% gold and is made according to real alchemical production.
The end product exists only 5/9 on the physical plane and is the spirit and soul of gold, so to speak.
This also achieves an enormous degree of purity, up to 33 carats are possible.

Our manna is not to be confused with the weak mineral mix made from sea salt called !ORMUS!


What is different about our Monoatomic GoldManna?

-The content is not skimped on.

-In addition, real manna consists of special water, also called (Gur),
 thus it gets its full potency, up to a 4-fold effect is possible.
 It strengthens the gold enormously, so it can really unfold in the body. 

-Crafted according to unique and secret recipes.

- Years of experience in the field


Effect on the body & consciousness 

Since gold is one of the strongest conductors of electricity, since humans, like animals, must have a natural proportion of gold in order to exist,
This supports us enormously in strengthening our physical and mental energy.
It strengthens the aura by allowing emotions and energy to flow freely throughout the body.
It helps the user to develop keen insights and even improves psychic abilities.
The conductive properties also allow unconscious emotions to arise, helping the user to better understand and overcome/transform their negative energy/belief patterns.
Experts say that Monotonic Gold works with the pituitary gland to increase hormone production and strengthen the body.
Gold stimulates the pineal gland and revitalizes the body.
This is great for skin, hair, and other parts that can be damaged by aging, and it also means it increases red blood cell production.
Boosting semen production is included, plus a natural aphrodisiac.

Gold Against Depression

Since gold naturally raises serotonin levels during the day, you get a cozy, warm, happy feeling.
At night, on the other hand, it has a very positive effect on sleep, it stimulates the pineal gland, which ensures colorful and clear, deep dreams.
The brain spreads everyday life and you start the new day full of anticipation ;) 

Other effects:

-The DNA reconstructs itself back into the divine consciousness (superman).
-Increase in vibration.
-Performance increase and stress resilience occur.
-Stimulating and purifying the pineal gland.
-Synchronization of the 2 brain hemispheres.
-Regeneration of damaged cells.
-Advanced intelligence.
-Extended perception.
-More well-being.
-Extended activity in the spiritual, emotional, mental, physical realms.
-The Kundalini energy is stimulated.
-Improved self-healing powers.
-An intense emotional cleansing and stabilization can take place.
- Problems become solutions faster and faster.
-The vibration in the auras are increased.
-Chakras are cleaned and made receptive to the light.
-Dreams are intensified (lucid dreaming).
-The endocrine system is activated, particularly the pineal, pituitary and thymus glands.
-The hormone system is stabilized.
- Endogenous DMT and melatonin are increasingly produced.


Shake well before taking.
Starting dose: 2-4 drops.
Max dose: 20 drops.

Have it salivated under the tongue and after a certain time drink some water or put it in a glass of water and drink it directly, of course, it is best
on an empty stomach, in the morning or evening before going to bed.

Enjoy the Divine Elixir.

Monoatomic Gold 30ml Alchemical Crafting

SKU: MannaGold
30 Milliliters
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