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Monoatomic boron

Boron is a rarely occurring metalloid and is one of the most important trace elements for plants, animals and humans.
It is very important for the immune system, like cell division or metabolism.
We could not live without boron.
Because it is a strong conductor of electricity, the basis of life.
Should always be taken with calcium.
When taking boron, the magnesium content and the calcium content can decrease by up to 40%,
the body absorbs this better and needs less.



Physical Effect:
Boron regulates the hormonal balance, especially the thyroid and parathyroid glands.
Formation of estrogens and testosterone through the combination of zinc & boron.
Helps decalcify the pineal gland.
Increases the brain functions, thus also the concentration.
May help with depression and epilepsy.
Osteoporosis can be treated with the help of boron.
Increased formation of vitamin D3 by boron.
Helps with fungal infestations such as Candida.
More electricity in the body.
In one study, bones with arthritis/arthrosis contained 50 % less boron than a healthy person.



mental effect:
Activation and cleansing of the pineal gland and pituitary gland, as well as the crown chakra and the 3rd eye.
Expanding perception, increasing the connection between human and divine spirit soul, as well as their energetic connection between the brain and gonads (ovaries/testicles) or crowns and root chakra.
Harmonization and strengthening of the chakra channel with its connections to the endocrine glands;
Stabilization of the channeling and telepathic sense (7th sense).
Improving the transmission of light waves in the energy and body system.
Strengthening of the human vessel for the soul essence.
conscious communication with the 7 spiritual planes of the earth.
Connection Mother Earth with God of Creation.
Anchoring of the spiritual energies in the physical cells, insight into the plan of creation.
Promote clarity and directness.
Access to primal knowledge in the cell structure.
Cleansing of the path of life and letting go of detours of the ego, truthfulness, closeness to God, nurturing of the incarnation star and the divine seed in man.
Stabilization of the breeding ground for the development of soul energy.
Update between heaven and earth.
Overcoming separation and cut-off as well as lack of grounding.
Strengthening of the prefrontal cortex and its properties as conductor of the brain (e.g. will, concentration, awareness, learning, clarity, focused alignment on set goals and much more).
Harmonization of the different brain areas (neocortex, limbic brain, cerebellum, brainstem) and their interaction consciously - unconsciously  - instinct, synchronization of the cerebral hemispheres (harmonization).


Technical manufacturing





Monoatomic boron

30 Milliliters
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