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Monoatomic Iridium

In its natural form, iridium is less common than platinum or gold.
Colloidal/Monoatomic Iridium provides mental vitality and creativity, in addition this sharpens our senses such as perception 
and accelerated thinking and decision-making processes.
The very rare precious metal awakens supernatural abilities in us and activates the pineal gland.
Iridium appreciates the connection to gold and osmium.


mental effect:
Promotes inner calm and peace.
Covers all cells with a protective energy.
Protects against negative energies (dark forces).
Creates an inner protective space in which worries, fears and negative burdens can fall away.
Gives courage for the future, accepting challenges. 
Helps to better recognize the essentials in life.
Increases self-confidence.
Helps to let go of heavy and self-created drama.
Helps you relax and free yourself.



Engineering Manufacturing 

Monoatomic Iridium

30 Milliliters
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