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Monoatomic Magnesium

Magnesium is an essential mineral.
The normal daily requirement is around 300-350 mg. 
The daily requirement is increased during pregnancy, sport and growth.
The human organism contains up to 28g of magnesium.
About half of it is stored in the skeleton,
the rest in the liver, heart, intestines, thyroid and kidneys.
Magnesium also plays a role in the formation of hormones such as neurotransmitters.

Physical Effect:
Magnesium allows the blood to flow better through the veins, so it is particularly good for the heart muscle or simply to prevent thrombosis, heart attacks and arteriosclerosis.
Magnesium lowers the levels of inflammation in the blood and helps with chronic inflammation.
Increases the immune system and athletic mobility, as well as performance.
Helps with cramps and colic.
Magnesium is involved in many metabolic processes in the body.
Magnesium reduces the risk of diabetes.
Magnesium helps with stress and headaches/migraines.


mental effect:
The third eye is stimulated and activated.
Promotes the light body process through the liver.
Regulation of the physical eyes (deposits, vitreous opacities, intraocular pressure).
Activation of the brain and synchronization of the cerebral hemispheres.
Improving Imagination.
Promotion of introspection and self-reflection.
The information spreads in waves from the brain through the entire body. 
Good in combination with mono irons.



Engineering Manufacturing 


Monoatomic Magnesium

30 Milliliters
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