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Monoatomic manganese

Manganese is an essential mineral, which many enzymes need, for humans and animals.
Humans contain about 40 mg manganese.
Most of the manganese is found in the bones, but also in the liver, kidneys, muscles, hair pigments and pancreas.
The heart, pancreas, liver, and kidneys, as well as the pituitary, pituitary, and (epiphysis, pineal),   consume large amounts of manganese per day.

Physical Effect:
Manganese promotes libido as it contributes significantly to the formation of sex hormones.
Just like dopamine production.
Manganese is involved in bone formation as well as cartilage formation.
Manganese plays a key role in metabolism and is also a fountain of youth, such as  B. cell renewal. 
Without manganese, this process does not work.
Helps with premature aging.
Protects against heart problems and hardening of the arteries.
Can have a supportive effect on diabetes, kidney stones or hair problems, it renews the pigments of hair and skin.


mental effect:
improves inner peace, tranquility and relaxation.
Connects to the void.
Promotes peace of mind.
Helps to allow the lightness in life.
Supports pure being.
Has a positive effect on the throat chakra.
Promotes communication skills.
Supports the letting go of inherited burdens.
Improves the give and take balance.
Relieves tension in the neck, shoulders and lower jaw.
Helps release ballast from the shoulders.
Helps with anxiety issues.



Engineering Manufacturing 

Monoatomic manganese

30 Milliliters
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