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Monoatomic Meteorite

The network structure of the metroite does not exist on Earth, they come from the astroid belt of Mars and Jupiter.
It contains iron, copper nickel and carbon.
Meteor giants are also known as natural vallium.
As it offers very calming effects and can help against anxiety and panic.
But it can also help before pregnancy, panic attacks, fear of flying or exams.
The cosmic iron counteracts depression caused by illnesses caused by infections.
Metroite has an effect on the regeneration (recovery process) of the body, as it is an energy dispenser.
Prevents or relieves depression.
Helps with cold sores.

mental effect:
Strengthening of the human avatar (personality).
increased assertiveness and steadfastness.
Increase in self-confidence.
Awareness and release from repressed emotions.
increased electrical tension at the cellular level.
Strengthening and expansion of the aura.
Improved energy flow in the spine/spinal cord/chakra channel.
Cleansing of dark energies.
Contact with the Ascended Masters.
Reconnection to the Ur central sun.


Engineering Manufacturing 

Monoatomic Meteorite

30 Milliliters
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