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Ruthenium (Ru)



Ruthenium is a PGM and a noble metal that is mainly used in catalytic converters.
Ruthenium has gained popularity in the medical community for many uses.
As a magnifying glass, ruthenium often provides and works with more energy.
Ruthenium changes the DNA,
Ruthenium creates a highly conductive path,
The current goes from about 100 electrons per second to over 1,000,000 electrons per second.
A US scientific study has shown that it can repair DNA.
It resonates with the DNA, which disassembles and properly reassembles the short helix.
Ruthenium is an interesting metal that isn't that strong in and of itself, 
but gives power when added to gold or platinum



mental effect:
Creates a state of limbo between heaven and earth.
Activates the inner seer.
Promotes clairvoyance.
It is used to increase our connection speed.
increase in brain activity.
synchronization of the cerebral hemispheres.
Creation of new realities.
Access to deep knowledge possible.
increasing awareness.
Works in the 3rd eye and heart chakra.

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