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GoldManna Online Shop for genuine Monoatomic Colloidal Elements


Monoatomic Gold

The GoldManna Online Shop strives to provide reliable, high quality monatomic elements that can help the user restore balance and self-healing powers. By working with some of the best healers in the industry, we can confirm the effectiveness of our products in both laboratory and human testing.


At GoldManna we believe in delivering the best, therefore our monoatomic colloidal elements have a very precise composition - they must have a certain tonic metal content to ensure they are able to pass their full potency on to the user. We pride ourselves on our honesty and openness in dealing with our customers, ensuring efficient and clear communication at all times.

The GoldManna Online Shop specializes in offering genuine monoatomic colloidal elements that help people to regain their self-healing powers and achieve inner balance. Our products come from an experienced alchemist with over 30 years of professional experience. The search for Him or the real Manna has taken me all over the world to offer you only the best possible quality. Love, knowledge, time and money have gone into every bottle to make sure it is genuine. The Mono/Manna products use a high-voltage plasma flame process to create microscopic particles that become electrically charged at specific intervals, allowing them to levitate and exert their effects.

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