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Silver (Ag)


Silver your being there with something with silver.

Silver is the power of our moon.

Silver strengthens the Feminine Energy.

Silver is said to have a natural antibiotic effect.

Germ-four bacterial parasites don't like silver.

Silver is the core element to understand the duality around us.

Silver symbolizes the feminine side plus energy.

Silver is the power of our moon and the channel to our emotional body.

Silver is the origin of our evaluation of good or bad.

The power of silver is like a mirror.

This element is the compassionate and soothing mother of human pain. The goddess is closely related to the Egyptian goddess Isis. 

Monoatomic Silver balances two pools: Male & Female.

It improves the communication between the two pools and balances them in full harmony and love. Silver reveals in one again the hidden ones created by polarity.

The feelings include (pain, separation, fear, victimhood, emotional entanglements, and pain avoidance, etc.)

But this is just an evasion of life. Such processes continue indefinitely, even after death these processes are not deleted, only when you live through the processes can you finally find your center again. Silver helps you to process and heal exactly these processes because it exists 4/9 in the parallel universe and 5/9 in this world, so it works exactly where the cause lies.



Silver has a good reputation in the medical community and was a germicide before antibiotics became popular.

The breathtaking effect of silver is visible on unicellular pathogens.

It was discovered that it stops the oxygen metabolizing enzyme, this   meant that any bacteria, virus or fungus will suffocate   and die._cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b- 136bad5cf58d_

A doctor who works in the field of  germ control said it is much more beneficial than antibiotics.  

It has been shown that silver can do much more!

Monoatomic Silver strengthens the body and supports your inner sense of femininity and confidence.


The well-being of both poles is stabilized.

It moves the focus within you and allows one to communicate more with oneself to regain the stillness, giving one more energy.  

At the cellular level, it is known that self-healing processes and immune functions increase. Silver also has very strong spiritual value. 

Silver is considered a precious and sacred metal.  

It activates the sixth chakra, also called the third eye, one of the seven energy points in the body.

Thus, it stands for reflection and self-analysis.

Silver is a common remedy in both medicine and alchemy.

It is seen as the "last straw" by people who do not believe in homeopathy.  

Silver, as we show here, is a wonderful tool for those seeking spiritual as well as physical solutions.

Kolloidales Silber
Monoatomisches Silber
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