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Silicon (Si)


Silicon is an important trace element that cannot be produced in the body and must therefore be supplied.
The human body contains about 7 g of silicon and the daily requirement is around 50 mg.



Physical Effect:
Silicon keeps tendons and ligaments elastic.
Formation of connective tissue fibers (collagen and elastin)
Silicon ensures stability of the connective tissue, helpful for cellulite.
Building material for nails and hair.
Silicon is the trace element of beauty, it tightens the skin.
Radiant hair thanks to silicon.
It plays a key role in cell respiration and cell renewal.
It works particularly well as an anti-aging agent.
It tightens the arteries and it can help with blood pressure.
Wrinkles can recede, baby skin returns ;)
Silicon strengthens the immune system and counteracts inflammation.
Silicon is also very good for detoxification because it removes aluminum from the body/brain and protects against Alzheimer's.



mental effect:
Arranges the energy system and the physical body according to sacred geometry and higher laws.
Good for more stability and structure in life.
Supports the cartilage and synovial fluid.
Forms new crystal structures in the body.
Has a regenerating effect on the bone marrow and in particular on the spine.
More mental flexibility.
Helps to structure living conditions better and to recognize the higher order.
Particularly suitable for people who are "overheaded".


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