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vanadium (V)



Monoatomic/Colloidal Vanadium does not have the negative properties of a heavy metal.


The daily requirement is only 15 to 30 micrograms.
High concentrations are found in the liver, kidneys, bones and spleen.
But vanadium is also needed in the donor mother, ovaries and breast milk.

physical effect.
It could be observed that vanadium was often successfully treated in diabetes together with chromium.
Vanadium has a positive effect on bone growth and bone mineralization.
Vanadium can help with infertility.
It strengthens the metabolism.




mental effect:
focus of thoughts
Crystallization of the spiritual into matter.
The sword of liberation and truth.
Creation of an energetic balance between the polarities.
Is open at the top like a funnel in order to condense the spiritual and spiritual cornucopia downwards.
Plow new furrows into the fabric of reality to plant new seeds.
Realizing new ways of life.
Connecting heaven and earth, male and female, light and dark.
Fundamental support for clarity and purposefulness.
Improving the dynamics of manifestation.


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