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Natural Tobacco Virginia


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Let yourself be enchanted by the seductive aroma of natural Virginia natural tobacco. Used by ancient cultures for its purifying and healing powers, this plant offers a light yet captivating scent that will delight you time and time again. Our Virginia natural tobacco is absolutely pure and is not treated with pesticides, so you can enjoy this sacred plant free from harmful substances. Enjoy the natural flavor and charm of this calming, therapeutic event today.


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Virginia natural tobacco from a shamanic point of view

Despite the bad reputation tobacco has today for the numerous additives that are added to its manufactured counterpart, the natural Virginia tobacco plant holds a prominent place as a sacred healing agent. Shamanic cultures have used this plant for centuries to purify the mind and body, release energies and access higher dimensions. Nevertheless, this plant is still demonized by many today. Scientists have repeatedly studied the effects of industrial tobacco, but none of these studies consider the actual effects of an all-natural Virginia tobacco that was used for centuries before ending up in cigarettes with 600 harmful additives. It's time we realized that the current demonization of all things "tobacco" has its roots in ignorance, and that we delve deeper into the understanding of what constitutes untreated, natural Virginia tobacco can bring us instead.

Virginia natural tobacco as an antidepressant
Natural tobacco contains beta carboline.
In a study conducted on mice, these substances were found to have antidepressant-like properties.

Tobacco and increased cerebral blood flow (CBF)
In a 2000 study, nicotine was administered to 18 participants using a nasal spray with subjects lying awake and flat on their backs. 
A significant increase in cerebral blood flow in the thalamus was observed. 
Thalamus regulates consciousness during sleep and wakefulness. 
There was also an increase in blood flow in the visual cortex and cerebellum.

Content: 30g

The incense is not suitable for smoking.
It is only used to neutralize the odor of wolves.

Tobacco products and ethnobotanical products can be topical,
can only be purchased by bank transfer.
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