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Virginia Kentucky Natural Tobacco from a Scientific and Shamanic Perspective:

It's no secret that the natural Virginia Kentucky tobacco plant holds a sacred place in many shamanic cultures and is used to purify the body and mind and release energy. Unlike its industrial counterpart, this unique plant was never demonized as it is today, but rather respected for its properties with an altruistic purpose.


Let's take a small step back and look at it from a different angle - A large number of studies have been carried out by scientists on manufactured tobacco and the results are clear: Dangerous additives such as up to 600 pesticides and herbicides have found their way into the end products, viz Cigarettes, sneaked in! But these studies were never done with untreated tobacco. So why demonize an ancient tradition with holistic properties? Let's embrace them in their pure form.

As you can imagine, the natural tobacco plant from Virginia Kentucky is a raw material full of properties that can improve your physical condition. But what is even better, its spiritual qualities are unparalleled. Its use for spiritual cleansing and energy release in shamanic culture is unsurpassed. Despite what we've been told, it's never been a deviled herb; rather, it was seen as an elixir of sorts! A few centuries later, scientifically studied cigarettes have tarnished their reputation due to the various additives that are used.

Tobacco as an antidepressant
Tobacco contains beta carboline.
In a study conducted on mice, these substances were found to have antidepressant-like properties.

Tobacco and increased cerebral blood flow (CBF)
In a 2000 study, nicotine was administered to 18 participants using a nasal spray with subjects lying awake and flat on their backs. 
A significant increase in cerebral blood flow in the thalamus was observed. 
Thalamus regulates consciousness during sleep and wakefulness. 
There was also an increase in blood flow in the visual cortex and cerebellum.

Content: 30g


The incense is not suitable for smoking.
It is only used to neutralize the odor of wolves

Tobacco products and ethnobotanical products can be topical,
can only be purchased by bank transfer.
Simply enter your order using the form, with your postal address,
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