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Zinc (Zn)



Zinc is an essential trace element, which is only found in small amounts in the body, but has many important properties.
Zinc is of great importance for well-being as it is involved in 200 enzymes.
The human body contains 2-3 grams of zinc.
No other mineral has such an impact on the immune system as zinc.



Physical Effect:
In the endocrine system, zinc is significantly involved as in: thyroid hormones, growth hormone, reproductive hormones, pituitary gland.
It can help with diabetes because zinc acts on blood sugar regeneration and adjusts sugar insulin levels.
Zinc can help achieve a balanced acid-base balance.
Supportive for carbohydrate and energy metabolism.
Production of red blood cells and breakdown of protein molecules.
Keeping skin and pancreas healthy.
Zinc acts as a guard/shield for our body cells.
Accelerating the recovery process.
Zinc supports cell division.
It regenerates hair and nails and promotes muscle building.
But zinc also plays a crucial role in healthy teeth and bones.
Zinc acts as an antioxidant.
Faster wound healing.
Zinc protects the eye cells.
Reduces allergic reactions, pet dander, dust, pollen.



mental effect:
Confronts and clears the negative energies in the kidneys.
Stimulates kidney activity.
Brings joie de vivre and lightness.
Helps to find one's place in the world.
Encourages movement and enterprise.
Good for lack of energy and lethargy and burn out.
Has a strong activating effect.
Electrifies and revitalizes the physical and energetic cells and their connections.
For people with almost clerical self-discipline.
Promotes and develops the impulse to live and self-determination.
Liberated from isolation and self-oppression.
Supports the clarification of relationships.

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