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Tin (Sn)



Monoatomic/Colloidal Tin does not have the negative properties of a heavy metal.
Tin is found in very small amounts in the body, such as in the lungs, liver, and gastrointestinal tract.
Tin is involved in the production of gastric acid/hydrochloric acid.
In old age there is a lack of stomach acid, this could be a sign of a tin deficiency, but tin also counteracts and compensates for excess such as heartburn.

Physical Effect:
Tin is involved in metabolism, including hormone balance, cell respiration and protein metabolism.
Tin helps with fatigue and insomnia.
Tin Harmonizes the nervous system.
Tin acts on the maintenance of hearing.




mental effect:
Helps to live more directness and straightforwardness.
More clarity in considering your own.
Strengthens the healthy ego or personality.
Clearer communication.
Strengthens the clarity of the eyes as a window to the soul.
Supports the upright posture and the spine.
Supports more honesty and truthfulness.
Helps drop the masks.
Acts primarily on the solar plexus and on the personality.
Supports letting go of addictions and other substitute satisfactions.
Promotes a strong voice.
Improves CHI concentration and focus on one's own path and the realization of one's vision.

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